Meet Adam

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The industry has been good to me and I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy the very best it has to offer. However, the eye opener, the moment the penny dropped for me was some years ago whilst acting as Master of Ceremonies for a dear friend. The common statement amongst a number of the couples friends and family was “we only wish you could have married us as well!”

I really do not do boring well I am easy excited and cry a bit I love colour fun but more importantly bringing everyone together

 So, I’m happily married to Liz, with our 3 kids (Grace 21, Jack 14 and Oscar 7) and a dog called Zephyr. I’m a Premium Wine Ambassador for Taylors Wines, a proactive Ambassador for the White Ribbon Foundation, I sit the board for the Uniting Hands Foundation, member of My Wedding Wish and now a Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrant.

I love to have fun. I don’t do boring very well. And I believe celebration is really pretty cool!